Best Compost Bin Models for Small Spaces

If you are interested in recycling your household waste, but only have a small yard (or porch) do not despair: there are compost bin models out there that will work well for you.

Small compost bin models are perfect for those who wish to compost household organic waste and do not have much yard waste that they need to compost. Most of these compost bin models rely on the hot composting method, which means your compost will be finished in just a matter of weeks. 

Many of these models can also be used to make compost tea, which you can use to nourish a wide variety of plants, including houseplants.

Here is a nice selection of some of the best selling small compost bin models currently available:

Envirocycle Composter


At just 30 inches high and two feet wide, this compost bin will fit almost anywhere.  You can put it on a balcony, in a garage or your yard or garden.  It is a tumbler compost bin, meaning that you can spin the compost bin, which helps with assuring your composting process is quick and complete.  This model was build specifically to handle kitchen waste and small amounts of yard waste.  It also costs under $150, making it one of the most popular compost bin models on the market.

The Back Porch Compost Tumbler

porch tumbler compost bin

This compost bin is only 37 inches high, and has wheels making it very portable.  Yet is also can hold up to 37 gallons of compost material.  Another tumbler compost bin model, the Back Porch ComposTumbler is very well aerated to help with the composting process, but also screened well to keep small animals out.  It comes with a five year warranty, and costs just under $200 if you buy it from

The ECOmposter


Now this is an interesting looking compost bin.  The manufacturers claim that they spent five years research compost bins to come up with the design for this model.  The ECOmposter is made of recycled plastic, and will produce compost in as little as four weeks.  It is 32 inches high and wide, and costs about $250 (this compost bin is only available in the United States, unfortunately).

For more information about garden compost bin models, including five reasons you should consider using a tumbler compost bin, please return to the Composting Bin Home Page.