Top Tumbling Compost Bin Selections

Creating rich compost quickly and rapidly is a goal of many gardeners and home owners.  In order to do this, you will need to turn your compost pile frequently, even daily.  But this can be a hassle if you are turning a large compost pile in your backyard, and for this reason, you may want to consider investing in a tumbling compost bin.

Most tumbling compost bin designs have a crank handle that allows you to turn the compost quickly and easily.  You will be able to turn your compost daily, and with some models you will be able to have rich compost for your garden in a matter of weeks (instead of months or years, as with ordinary methods).

Below you will find some of the top tumbling compost bin models you can purchase.  All of these models have received positive customer reviews:

The Achla Spinning Composting Bin

Achla Tumbling Compost Bin

The Acha Spinning (or Tumbling) Compost Bin is both affordable and easy to use for home owners.  It is priced under $200 and made entirely from recycled plastic.  It does have a fairly small capacity compared to some models, however, only about seven cubic feet.

The Mantis Tumbling Compost Bin

Mantis Tumbling Compost Bin

If you are looking for a larger model and have the cash (around $500) this may well be the best tumbling compost bin on the market.  It can hold up to 30 bushels of organic materials, yet still remains easy to turn and use!

The Tumbleweed Composter


This model is the most affordable of the three tumbling composting bins featured here, costing under $180 and with slightly more capacity than the Acha spinning composting model.  Some may find the vertical model not as easy to use as a horizontal model, however, so you should keep this in mind when shopping for the tumbling compost bin that is right for you.

Regardless of what kind of composting bin you ultimately end up purchasing, by making the decision to recycle your organic household waste and turn it into rich garden compost, you have made a choice that will benefit both your garden and our environment!

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